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Xerox Enterprise Print Services

What is “enterprise printing?” It’s everything you produce on your office printers, multifunction printers (MFPs), copiers, scanners, fax machines and high-volume production printers. It’s about extending your print capabilities to your growing population of mobile and remote employees. It’s everything you send out for quick printing, offset printing, and mail and distribution. And it’s the service desk, technical support and supplies that maintain it all.

Enterprise printing management requires more time, network bandwidth and resources than you can imagine. Controlling these costs may not be your core business, but it is ours.

We’ve helped thousands of organizations manage and control their printing with Enterprise Print Services--our premier managed print services offering for large, global corporations.

Our enterprise printing solutions have helped Procter & Gamble, print 8 million fewer pages while reducing energy costs by 30% and printing costs by 21%--and directing resources to their core consumer packaged goods business. For the European Patent Office, resorting to Xerox Enterprise Print Services meant they could grant more than 100,000 patents per year while a help desk proactively resolved printing incidents before application examiners knew there was an issue. And a leading aerospace and defense contractor improved information security and reduced costs by 40% using our Enterprise Print Services.

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Reduce total cost of enterprise printing up to 30%

While corporations know they can reduce enterprise printing costs by 10% to 30%, many don’t know where or how to begin. Our Enterprise Print Services have guided companies like Telecom Egypt through a four-step process that helped them save $12 million annually on overdraft charges and improve cash flow for providing fixed telephone lines to the entire country. Through the same process, a global IT company saved $7 million per year on document costs, which bolstered their position as a world leader in developing products, services and solutions for information storage and management.

How we optimise enterprise printing

We use a proven, four-step approach to deploy Xerox Enterprise Print Services in your organization.
  1. We conduct a comprehensive Lean Six Sigma assessment.
    This reveals how much enterprise printing really costs your organization, where the waste is and how to eliminate it. We determine your Total Cost of Ownership by calculating the hard and soft costs, conducting user studies and analyzing how documents flow through your work environment.
  2. We design your ideal enterprise printing environment.
    Once our team understands the needs of your organization, your users, and the specialized applications you require, we work with you to design the ideal document output environment. This is for your entire workforce, including remote and mobile workers.
  3. We help your company transition to the new print environment.
    Putting a new enterprise printing infrastructure in place is typically a major project requiring step-by-step migration. We have market-leading expertise in managing change. We provide end-user support, training and ongoing communications to keep your business running without disruption during the changeover.
  4. Together, we continuously improve.
    We cover all aspects of your service-level agreement, including proactively monitoring devices, replenishing consumables, fixing broken equipment, invoicing and reporting. We work with you to make ongoing enterprise printing improvements over the life of the contract to save you time and money.

Improve employee productivity

When Baptist St. Anthony’s Health System’s printers were out of commission, their employees were in a bind. It sometimes took two weeks to get equipment running again. They knew there had to be a better way, so they turned to Xerox Enterprise Print Services. We gave them a single, reliable source for device management and automated their work processes. This boosted productivity and efficiency, and their internal customers gave them an outstanding satisfaction rating.

With Xerox Enterprise Print Services at work in your organization, your employees don’t have to worry about dealing with printers. When employees are satisfied, they can make sure your customers are satisfied.

How we optimise enterprise printing

  • We proactively identify and solve enterprise printing problems and replenish printer supplies before employees are affected.
  • We give employees a single point of contact to resources that can solve printer issues.
  • For employees who telecommute, travel or work via mobile devices, we give them access to enterprise printing services.
  • We optimize printer locations to match your employees’ and department heads’ needs.

Enhance document security

To us, security is more than a feature on a device. It’s a deep understanding of your entire document and enterprise printing infrastructure and its vulnerabilities. Xerox Enterprise Print Services help protect confidential information across your company. For Methodist Health Care, that meant complying with HIPAA and HITECH regulations and reinforcing their reputation for outstanding patient care. And for a leading aerospace and defense contractor, it meant using NIAP-certified equipment to improve information security while they improved the nation’s security.

How we optimise enterprise printing

  • We develop a comprehensive security plan for print devices, documents and content. We ensure it’s in line with your company’s security policies.
  • We set up an enterprise printing environment conducive to meeting regulatory standards like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.
  • Our trained professionals receive strict security clearance to manage your enterprise printing.
  • Our industry-leading products are certified in Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2 standards for security.
  • We continually monitor devices and ports to make sure they are secure.

Improve environmental sustainability

You can print less paper, consume less energy, generate fewer greenhouse gases and keep waste out of landfills through Enterprise Print Services. We look at your entire organization’s enterprise printing and build a roadmap toward reducing your environmental footprint. Our Enterprise Print Services also helped British Telecom reduce its carbon footprint by 50% to meet tough targets for operational improvement.

How we optimise enterprise printing

  • By reducing the number of printing devices in your office, we help you reduce energy consumption.
  • We provide ENERGY STAR rated printers and environmentally responsible supplies such as Emulsion Aggregate Toner and Solid Ink.
  • We help employees reduce wasteful enterprise printing through tools like cover sheet suppression, or printing multiple slides on the same page.
  • We create workflows to read, send and store documents digitally.
  • We make recycling easy through our Green World Alliance program, which keeps millions of pounds of waste out of landfills each year.
  • We measure your environmental impact with comprehensive assessment tools like our Sustainability Calculator and recommend small changes to reduce your carbon footprint, energy and paper use.

Improve business processes

Our Enterprise Print Services can be a gateway to new and better ways to work with information. We helped two colleges in upstate New York use online job submission to streamline the way they print. A Lincoln, Nebraska, public school district now uses a content management system to operate more efficiently as they transform learning for 34,000 students. And British Columbia’s Northern Health Authority uses Enterprise Print Services to bridge the gap between paper and digital documents, freeing them to provide better patient care.

How we optimise enterprise printing

  • We embed intelligence into your documents to automate routing and approvals.
  • We eliminate unnecessary process steps.
  • We scan paper records into digital PDFs and turn slow, paper-based processes into nimble, electronic ones.
  • We create easily searchable content repositories.

Enable mobile printing

Mobile technology is changing the way business gets done. Xerox makes working from mobile devices simpler, more convenient and secure so your employees can print from anywhere your business takes them. And we can do it on a small or large scale.

At the Lisbon Airport, Xerox enabled TAP's business travelers to print from mobile devices without needing thumb drives, extra software or help from airline staff. Also, working with the London Organizing Committee of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we rolled out the first successful mobile printing solution for the press at an Olympic Games.

How we help

  • We integrate with your existing network environment so users have quick and automatic connections to printers.
  • We make mobile printing accessible anywhere and with the same enterprise security and accountability you expect inside your office.
  • Our mobile printing solution supports common document formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Adobe PDFs, rich text (rtf), plain text (txt), HTML, JPEG, etc., without sacrificing layout or formatting.
  • Xerox Mobile Print works with Xerox and non-Xerox printers.
  • Flexible and integrated security features, like secure print and release, ensure sensitive data won’t languish on the output tray.

Xerox makes printing from your mobile device simple, convenient and secure.

We also offer Xerox Print Services for small and midsized businesses.

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