About Xerox Document Services

We are an industry leader in document outsourcing services with more than 20 years’ experience and 15,000 business professionals across 160 countries.

We help companies optimize their printing infrastructure and streamline their communication and business processes to grow revenue, reduce costs, and operate more efficiently. We specialize in the planning and delivery of the following services:
  • Managed print services for office, production and virtual worker printing sites.
  • Consolidating in-house production and commercial printing under a single point of control.
  • Improving communication processes and back-office functions associated with creating, capturing, managing and routing customer, employee and supplier information.
  • Designing, authoring and translating technical and user documentation.
  • Creating personalized, multi-channel marketing communications.
  • Developing defensible best practices in electronic discovery.

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Measurable Results A Proven Approach
Our document outsourcing services deliver measurable results that can improve your bottom line and create a better experience for your customers.

Here are several examples of how we have helped our clients achieve success:

We redesigned Aliant’s monthly invoices, reducing billing inquiries by 30% while improving 1:1 cross-selling capabilities. continue (PDF)

McGraw Hill
McGraw Hill Construction outsourced the work performed by 5 in-house imaging centers to Xerox and developed a secure web portal with over 32 million indexed images. continue (PDF)

UK Department for Work and Pensions
The UK Department for Work and Pensions improved information quality and document access for over 20 million citizens while enhancing the productivity of their resources. continue (PDF)