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Francois Ragnet

Francois Ragnet is a passionate thinker, challenged by the gap between what is and what could be in document technologies. At Xerox Global Services, Francois recognizes that the need for a new direction is approaching. When he talks about "The Future of Documents," he imagines a time when smart documents will move across enterprises and perfectly integrate with all business processes. He foresees document technologies when 3D visualizations of complex information will be commonplace and office productivity will achieve new heights. To Francois, the future is now.


  • Document technologies and document management
  • Novel technology transfer
  • Innovative and wireless technologies
  • Technical Evangelist


  • 10+ years industry experience
  • Program Manager, Xerox Research Center - Grenoble, France
  • Researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technologies - Gaithersburg, MD
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