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Transportation Solutions

People and goods will always need to get from place to place. The challenges: ever-growing congestion and pollution, increasing demands for portability, and a lack of public funds to enact programs.

Xerox can help you, with revenue collection and regulation compliance services worldwide. From fare collection to toll solutions, back-office processing to infrastructure installation, we provide systems and services to help you solve transportation problems.
Xerox in Transportation

We're developing solutions for your transportation challenges

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Driving efficiency, reducing congestion, getting people where they need to go faster.

Among the areas in which we provide value are:

Local Government Transportation

Xerox is helping government transportation agencies strengthen their organization by streamlining operations and improving accuracy. Effectively managing programs and implementing solutions can be difficult, and not every program has the same challenges. But our expertise, combined with our commitment to innovation leads to positive results for your operational needs. And by improving quality and productivity, we make things simple—because it should be.

State Government Transporation

Keeping people and goods moving freely and safely– it’s your mission and ours too. We’re serving thousands of transportation clients and leveraging our extensive market knowledge to help you reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies.

From customer care strategies to administrative services, we have creative solutions to solve even your most complex problems. We give motorists and transit users the ability to get where they’re going. Knowing process management is key to our clients, we help toll agencies and state motor vehicle and revenue agencies improve revenue collection and transaction processing while keeping their customers moving. We’re making transportation simple on the road and in the office—because it should be.

Commercial Transportation

Goods will always need to get from place to place—and someone will need to take them there. The changing profile of shipping affects drivers who make a living transporting goods as well as those maintaining a healthy fleet operation—juggling process and workflow along the way.

We provide solutions that make the processes simple for drivers and fleets alike by giving them the tools they need to get on the road quickly without missing important steps.

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