Xerox ServicesFinance, Accounting and Procurement Outsourcing

Finance, Accounting and Procurement Outsourcing

Our integrated, award winning services deliver process innovation, continuous improvement, transformational tools and technology along with our unrivaled collaborative partnering approach to help you achieve high-performance business outcomes.

Our solutions help CFO’s and CPO’s address key global operational challenges that include:

Cost / Value: Efficiencies and process improvement
  • Reducing operational costs of finance and procurement
  • Driving short and long term savings to self-fund future investments
  • Creating business value (e.g. improve business metrics and reporting)
  • Decrease and manage spend categories more efficiently and effectively
Capacity: Flexible processes, models and support
  • Scalable delivery and operations support for global growth
  • Create flexible cost structures; convert semi-fixed costs to variable
  • Shifting resources to higher valued activities
Capabilities: Scalability, innovation and expertise
  • Implementing best practices across a wide range of industries
  • Access to on-demand global talent pool, continuous innovation, and skills
  • Access to innovative and enabling technology; pay as you go versus pay in advance
Controls: Identifying, monitoring and managing risk
  • Maintaining and improving governance and internal controls
  • Collaborative management of virtual global teams and resources
  • Maintaining "evergreen" process/SOX documentation
Xerox Services employs over 24,000 professionals operating out of over 90 global service centers, in multiple languages in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We serve clients in an extensive cross section of industries by managing the core end-to-end process areas of finance, accounting and procurement that are critical to their business.

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