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Document and Data Management Services

One of the most daunting challenges facing businesses today: managing valuable documents and data. Do your document management services ensure optimum efficiency and productivity?
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We have the expertise to make document and data management a painless process for your organisation. Among the services we can provide you are:

Capture, Imaging, Storage and Retrieval

Administrative services such as data processing, scanning, storage and retrieval can drain your resources. We can assume many of these data management tasks, freeing you to reassign staff to core business functions. The result: more-streamlined operations and greater productivity.

The fact is, we're the recognised leader in information and image management. Across the U.S., thousands of customers rely on us for customised solutions ranging from routine storage and retrieval to complex DR/business continuity and contingency planning.

Records Center: Vital Protection and Retention

Since 1962, our Records Center has been a nationally recognised provider of off-site protection of vital records. This massive, 600-acre facility – consisting of 60 underground, environmentally controlled vaults – offers the following services:

Document Storage and Retrieval
In addition to vital record protection, you can choose from a variety of research and retrieval options, including:
  • Full or partial outsourcing
  • Capacity planning
  • Overflow relief
  • Disaster Recovery

Experienced retrieval consultants will work with you to develop cost-effective plans based on specific needs. (Many clients use our retrieval services to help them bring in newly acquired business.) By relying on our research and retrieval operations, you can maintain service levels and response times as you integrate new systems.

Our 35,000 square-foot facility accommodates the document storage and retrieval needs of even large-volume organisations. In addition to providing microfilm storage and retrieval, it houses our rapidly growing automated retrieval services.

Our Records Center employs today's most advanced retrieval and communications technologies. The result for you: secure, timely and reliable receipt and delivery of requested information. We offer:
  • Web-enabled applications
  • Point-to-point and dial-up connectivity
  • Virtual private networks
  • Other custom-designed systems.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Our off-site storage and retrieval services can be a key component of your disaster recovery plan. In the event of a natural or internal disaster, we can reproduce the information you need to resume normal operations.

And, because our Records Center is geographically remote, a disaster at your local sites are unlikely to affect our ability to respond.

Contingency Planning
Every business, regardless of size or focus, should have a contingency planning program as part of its strategic business plan.

This is especially true for financial institutions. In recent years we’ve seen the devastation caused by natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, as well as man-made destruction from fires, insider theft and acts of terrorism. Historically, institutions have focused on recovery of data processing records. Equally if not more important, however, is reconstructing evidentiary documents that support computer data.

We help ensure business continuity through a unique contingency planning program that integrates on-site professional assistance with tested and proven disaster recovery procedures.

The result: a total solution that places an institution-wide emphasis on facilities, personnel, services, insurance, telecommunications, data processing and, most importantly, vital record protection.

Because each vault is discrete, media can be segregated to allow for unique environmental requirements – and protected from potentially harmful chemical emissions created by certain media. We electronically control and continually monitor archival conditions for preservation of paper, microfilm, magnetic and optical media. And we use closed-circuit video and electronic surveillance equipment to support the facility’s 24/7 security force.

Strategic Advisory Services and Business Process Evaluation

Our evolutionary approach to business process evaluation and re-engineering can help you reduce costs, improve quality and increase efficiency.

We carefully tailor solutions based on your enterprise, your environment, and the way you do business

Construction and Facilities Management Services

We've partnered with ProPortion to provide high-quality drafting and facility management services. For your organisation, that translates to:
  • Lower costs
  • Increased savings in product administration
  • Lower in-house network maintenance
  • Remote access to drawings.

Digital File Management for Film and Fiche Processing

Does your organisation still rely on archival film and fiche records for data storage? There’s a better, more secure, more space-saving storage method. Let our digital file management:
  • Convert your paper, film or fiche original documents into digital files for easier retrieval
  • Incorporate them into online image and information repositories
  • Provide backup and recovery options
  • Offer "scan-on-demand" services.

Workflow Integration

We have in-depth experience integrating workflow products into the IT space. You can count on us to:
  • Maximise resources and preserve efficiencies
  • Migrate your data forward and back across workflow systems
  • Enable joint governance via management portals that offer a shared view of all major system events and activities.

Intelligent Queue for Data Correction

If your organisation has large-scale data collection and conversion needs, we can save you time, money and effort.

Count on us to reduce the number of documents containing incorrect information, unfilled requirements or other problems, through the use of Intelligent Queue (IQ).

You can also use another of our proprietary back-end processes – Web Queue (WeQ) Processing – to resolve questionable source data/documents before transmission to clients.

Mail Processing

Your secure data capture capabilities should start in the mailroom. So we offer proven methodologies and a combination of best-in-class OTS and proprietary tools. They ensure accountability and quality throughout the mail's life cycle.

With over 30 years of mail processing experience, we can help you:
  • Optimise mailroom functionality
  • Improve productivity
  • Enjoy measurable savings.

Media Conversion

We have over 30 years of experience scanning documents ranging from antique postage stamps to oversize blueprints. Let us process and convert your data from nearly every conceivable medium. You can even upgrade or migrate to a new business process or platform that requires a specific medium.

Managed Print Services

We offer a portfolio of managed print services for all businesses – from small businesses to large, corporations.

You can manage and control your printing, helping you save money and boost productivity. Managed print also improves your environmental sustainability and document security.

Enterprise Print Services

Reduce costs, improve productivity and comply with security and environmental regulations across your entire print infrastructure, including your office, production, remote and mobile work environments around the globe.

Xerox Print Services

Reduce your total cost of office printing and enhance employee productivity while we manage all aspects of printing and copying for small and midsized offices, including service desk, break-fix, supplies and procurement.

Xerox Partner Print Services

Our worldwide network of certified reseller partners delivers managed print services to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) centralise management of all devices—including printers, copiers and multifunction printers from multiple manufacturers.

Communication and Marketing Services

Our Communication and Marketing Services help you attract new customers, enhance the customer experience for existing customers, and enable stakeholder and sales channels. Communication and Marketing Services are a group of integrated creative, print and digital capabilities spanning the entire communication process, including:
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Data Management & Analytics
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Multi-Channel Delivery
  • Response Management
Our Communication and Marketing Services help you attract new customers, enhance the customer experience for existing customers, and enable stakeholder and sales channels.

Litigation Services

Xerox® Litigation Services, the e-discovery division of Xerox, delivers end-to-end technology-driven services, software and consulting expertise that reduce cost and risk throughout the e-discovery process. Tens of thousands of end users rely on Xerox's web-based OmniX™ document review platform, Viewpoint™ e-discovery software, CategoriX automated document classification technology and supporting services for more efficient and defensible e-discovery.

Mortgage Services

BlitzDocs and BlitzDocs eXtended Edition (XE) are paperless solutions that speed up the mortgage loan process for lenders and borrowers by providing secure functionality to electronically sign, store, access and manage the lifecycle of legally-binding records while meeting technical and legal requirements.