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Customer Care

Improve the customer experience and your bottom line.
We’ve been helping companies care for their customers – whether business customers or consumers – with excellent service for more than 20 years.

Xerox customer care solutions are focused on optimizing the customer experience at every touch point so your business can:
  • Build long-term customer relationships and increase lifetime customer value
  • Develop brand advocates who promote your products and services to others
  • Reinforce brand value with excellent customer experiences
  • Reduce costs for customer care and loyalty programs
Whether you need help optimizing the customer experience, driving top-line revenue and bottom-line savings from the contact center, or improving operational efficiency, you can rely on Xerox’s operational excellence, tailored solutions, innovation, and global reach to help you deliver a differentiated customer experience.

We’re everywhere your customers are
We speak their language in over 160 locations worldwide, in more than 30 different languages.

We’re experts in customer care
We process more than 1.6 million customer care interactions daily, so we know what it takes to drive operational success, achieve higher customer satisfaction scores, and lower costs.

We understand your business is unique
We take the time to understand your needs, craft tailored solutions based on those needs, and deliver measurable results that extend well beyond simply cutting a few transactional costs.

We bring deep industry insight
We get it when it comes to understanding the unique dynamics of your industry. That’s why leading brands across a wide range of industries rely on Xerox customer care solutions.

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