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Why outsource or use a managed service?

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IT Outsourcing

The more complex your business becomes, the more you expect from your IT. It’s only natural.

This is why we’ve created a set of key services, each designed to free up your company’s time and resources, improve performance and bring on board exciting new products and services – and help you drive your business forward.

Data Centre Services

Ensuring that the information and applications which support your business are available to the right users at the right time is easier said than done. We can help you make it possible. Read more about Data Centre Services 

End User Workplace Support

Supplying and maintaining desktops, laptops, software and printers across your organisation is complex and resource-heavy. We can remove the hassle. Read more about End User Workplace Support 

Service Desk

Maintaining an operational workforce is paramount, yet in-house IT service desks are often undermined by high attrition rates and obsolete skills. Xerox keeps everything running smoothly. Read more about Service Desk

Remote IT Infrastructure Management

Sometimes a hosted, outsourced service for your IT infrastructure just isn’t an option. When you need to stay in situ, we can help. Read more about Remote Infrastructure Management 

Unified Communications

Diverse workforces and working practices make communications a complex business. We can help you stay ahead of the mix. Read more about Unified Communications 

Managed Print Services

Most companies spend between 1% and 3% of their annual revenue on print related activities. Let Xerox help you stop it spiraling ever upwards. Read more about Managed Print Services 

Cloud Services

For decades, increasing IT capacity has meant costly expenditure to add servers and build- out infrastructure. Now, the cloud changes all that. Read more about Cloud Services 

Paisy Payroll Services from ADP

Your business needs payroll. But could your payroll be doing more for you? Faster, easier payroll unlocks insights and improves compliance. Read more about Paisy Payroll Services 

SAP Application Services

Today’s decision makers place significant demands on enterprise software. We can help you deliver complex enterprise solutions simply and quickly. Read more about SAP Application Services 

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