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Document Transaction Processing Services

Is your critical business information easy to find and consistent across your organisation? How quickly can you process client applications and service requests?

Xerox Document Transaction Processing Services streamline your business and document management processes to drive growth, reduce costs and give you a sustainable competitive advantage. We automate your back-office functions by managing incoming documents, digitising, indexing, and routing their information to electronic document management and storage services.

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Transform your information to drive growth

Transform your information to drive growth

Departments across the organisation have faster access to one source of information. This enables faster customer response times from application processing through customer inquires. You’ll no longer spend time managing disparate inbound electronic and mailroom processes across divisions within your organisation. Achieve real savings and increase efficiency for a leaner, more agile business.

Transform your information to drive growth
  • Optimise new sales account opening processes to accelerate cash flow.
  • Reduce transaction costs and increase accuracy and efficiency of financial processes.
  • Simplify, standardise and centralise your employee on-boarding and communication processes.
  • Enhance the customer experience at critical touch points to retain and grow relationships.
  • Deliver consistent, reliable customer service during peak and non-peak business cycles.
  • Ensure compliance traceability of your back-office operations.

Client Benefits

Client Benefits

Eliminate the siloed costs in your back-office operations and drive growth with Xerox Document Transaction Processing Services. Transform your business information with efficient document management services for business process improvement and:

Increase productivity Transform your work processes by capturing critical business information at the point of origin. Improve your ability to search and retrieve documents while linking related information together. You’ll find critical information when you need it.

Streamline processes Remove the bottlenecks associated with lost or missing information by safely storing and managing documents and automating information routing within your critical business processes.

Reduce cost of operations Gain economies of scale by reducing system maintenance and labor costs though process automation. You’ll also drastically decrease the number of hard copy documents and the time spent searching for missing information.

Enhance customer satisfaction Increase the speed and quality of setting up a customer account. By improving document management during the life of the account, you’ll enhance your customer’s experience every step along the way from account opening through ongoing retention.

Improve cash management Take maximum advantage of early payment discounts and save by reducing late payment penalties through automation of your processes.

Support regulatory compliance Improve your internal controls, ensure compliance and reduce risk with an auditable record of your information.



Xerox’s Document Transaction Processing Services help companies digitise documents and transform business and document management processes to improve efficiency while reducing costs. With more efficient back-office processes, your staff spends less time searching for documents and more time improving service and profitability. Provide your staff with immediate access to the information they need to accelerate their workflows and reduce errors.

Customer on-boarding and servicing Streamline your organisation’s front-office operations with an outsourced process for digitally receiving, reviewing and approving applications. Open customer accounts faster with automated, consistent processes. This will ensure efficiency and quality for superior customer response and ongoing service.

Employee on-boarding and communications Reduce the processing time and costs associated with managing document throughout the employee lifecycle. Use a secure, compliant, confidential process for routing of human resource documents through an efficient, centralised records and document management service.

Invoice processing Improve document management and correspondence workflows related to financial processes to eliminate time-consuming manual searches. By optimising AP processes with integrated workflow solutions, your organisation can more efficiently validate invoices, resolve vendor and internal inquiries and obtain approvals. That means improved cash flow and supplier management.

Travel and expense By eliminating the traditional paper chase of staff expense claims and approvals, we deliver improved productivity for both your finance and operational staffs. You gain improved control and visibility of approvals for better policy compliance and expense management. You’ll have a perfect audit trail for one of the biggest core areas in your business – enabling better planning for future yearly spending.

Mortgage loan document management Improve your bottom-line results by shortening loan origination and underwriting cycles. Digitised documents enable immediate access to borrowers’ information, which enhances your customer’s experience and speeds sales on the secondary market.

A Proven Approach

A Proven Approach

We offer content and document management workflow services to streamline your business processes for greater control and faster access to your information.

CaptureOur comprehensive range of content and document management services, on-site and off-site, digitally captures your information in whatever format received – paper or electronic.
  • Receive, check-in, sort and batch documents (paper or electronic)
  • Identify document type and flag for priority, exception or special handling as required
  • Convert electronic files to common digital formats
  • Route for special handling

TransformImaging services digitise documents for automated data capture utilising Xerox Smart Document technologies for faster routing.
  • Image scan, enhancement and cleanup services
  • Automatic categorisation and classification of information
  • Data conversion, extraction, coding and verification services
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Transaction ProcessingElectronic information is routed for transaction processing within your organisation for immediate and shared use. This streamlines decision making, approval and response time.
  • Customer Account Set Up
  • Customer Information for Servicing and Response
  • Accounts Payable and Financial Data
  • Employee On-boarding and Communications Information
  • Inbound and Outbound Client and Employee Correspondence

StoreOur range of content and document management and content management storage capabilities are fast, secure and electronically automated to reduce cost while improving access to information.
  • On-site Imaging and Data Storage Systems
  • Hosted Electronic Document Management Systems
  • Archival Services
  • Web-Enabled Retrieval of Information
  • Reporting Services

DeliverEnsure your organisation has access to information, when and where you need it, through the right channel to meet your requirements.
  • Electronic
  • Paper

Measurable Results

Measurable Results

How do we know streamlining your back-office business processes and document management with Xerox Document Transaction Processing Services can make a solid difference for your organisation? We’ve seen it work for many other companies. Take a look at a few examples of the measurable performance results we've delivered:

  • Dillard's, a leading retailer, saved $1.6 million by streamlining its company-wide work processes and printing needs.
  • Park University, an independent, liberal arts institution in the U.S. Midwest, worked with rerox to provide faster access to student information, simplify forms processing, decrease costs via an electronic workflow and increase revenue potential with document management processes in place to support a 300% increase in enrollment.
  • Dow Chemical, a science and technology leader, improved time to market by streamlining the product development process and providing R&D with instant global access to documents.
  • Xerox helped Marriott streamline Accounts Payable processes and respond more quickly to claims. Faster access to electronic documents improved satisfaction levels of Marriott’s guests and associates, and improved cash flow and supplier management.
  • UWV, the Netherlands’ social security organization, used Xerox eFLOW software to recognize keywords and data in customer benefit claim forms and letters, and automatically route claims through the approvals process. This removed days, errors and costs from the process of paying benefits to citizens.
Xerox has sped up the searching and accessing of drawings that are mission-critical to our operation.
— Larry Valka, IT Project Manager, Manitoba Hydro
Real World Experience
Xerox designed and implemented a document management system that would span Park University's 40 remote campuses. This brought the varying paperwork processes together, reduced costs, and improved the level of service provided to students.

Content and records management is a great candidate for outsourcing. It lets companies focus on their core competencies while leaving imaging, document management and records management to the experts. In turn, companies reap the benefits, including reduced costs, greater efficiencies, and faster, access to one source of information.