Cloud Services for Small and Midsize
Businesses (SMB)

Convenient payments and no long-term contracts

If you’re like many of our SMB clients, you may need a little extra help fine-tuning your Cloud service.

We don’t require a long-term contract, so you make convenient, predictable monthly payments, with no large cash outlays.

Additional Cloud services we offer include:

  • Private Network Assessment
  • Analyzing what would be required at the time of disaster to ensure you have access to your critical business functions.
  • Dedicated Private Network Implementation
  • For companies that want to speed critical app access.
  • Advanced Disaster Recovery Planning
  • After meeting with client stakeholders, our team develops detailed, documented recovery procedures and responsibilities, as well as the documentation of hardware requirements and recovery configurations.
  • Exercise Management
  • Our experts create a customized disaster recovery exercise program that enables your staff to simulate how they could get up and running at a remote location in case of disaster.
  • Disaster Recovery Event Management
  • We become your disaster recovery team, executing your individual plan from the moment of disaster until your return to normal operations.
  • Risk Assessment
  • Our team evaluates the potential impact of each type of disaster or event that could impact your business operations, identifying the scenarios most likely to occur and how to plan around these.
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • We identify the functions and processes that are critical to your daily operation, and determine how quickly these should be restored to minimize negative impact.
  • Business Resumption Assessment
  • Our team creates a strategy on how to prevent or respond to a situation that disrupts normal business processes.
  • Application Impact Assessment
  • We determine the impact a loss of applications would have your ability to conduct business. The assessment will establish both business and technical dependencies for the applications in scope.
  • VDI Workspace.
  • We create a virtual desktop solution that enables displaced employees to continue to work at home or another site in case of disaster.