State and Local Government

Despite tight budgetary constraints, workforce challenges, and an aging infrastructure, the public places high demands on state and local governments, whether at the city, county, or state level. Expectations include fiscal responsibility, instant access to public records, online form retrieval and completion, and systems that enable increased clarity in communications and faster processing time.

Using our Lean Six Sigma-based processes, Xerox specialists work with state and local governments to create a strategic plan of action and implement solutions and services that provide a solid return for taxpayer investment. Our services help you reduce overall document output cost, streamline paper-choked processes, improve the effectiveness of your communications, and provide greater access to information that citizens and staff members need.

Developing and adhering to sustainability practices is also a key requirement. We will be happy to share the successes of our long and deep-rooted commitment to the environment and let you know how we can help you do the same.

Featured Solutions for State and Local Government