High Tech and Communications

The fast pace and global reach of the high tech industry requires technology companies to continually innovate, expand globally, and manage costs. Challenges such as these must be met on a global scale.

  • Accelerate product development timelines to overcome product commoditisation.
  • Create customised marketing strategies to address diverse markets with unique customer segments including the saturated enterprise market, the highly fragmented SMB market, and the exploding global emerging market.
  • Meet customer service and support expectations and use as an opportunity for differentiation.
  • Reduce costs within the product life cycle, marketing and sales, and global workforce infrastructures.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility and leadership in Green performance.

Xerox specialists support critical strategies to address these challenges across your enterprise. We help reduce capital expenditures, improve operational efficiencies, and generate new market opportunities by leveraging customer analytics and segmentation to deliver effective client communications.

Featured Solutions for High Tech

Within three to four months, Xerox had the solution up and running. It was astounding. It set the baseline that no other company we worked with could achieve.
— Worldwide Bid Manager, Global Networking Hardware and Services Company